the light that never goes out.
If my mouth doesn't smile, I'm a word no one ever wants to say.
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    God Help The Girl (x)

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    In which Jimmy Fallon nails it. 

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    I’m a body positive blog. Follow my blog for inspirational/motivational photos and foodporn + lots of recipes. :)


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  • "I need feminism because I pay the same tuition as men, not seventy-seven cents for every dollar a man pays."
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    crushes are terrible


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    Side Crow

    -Place your feet together- bend your knees a LOT until your hands reach the mat. Tuck your tailbone in. Feel out this position first.

    -With knees VERY bent- begin to twist your body to the left. Keep your toes and feet pointing forward. Only your upper body should twist.

    -Place your right arm up and twist it so much that your elbow is pressed against your left outer-thigh. Now place both hands on the ground after completing this action. So- feet and knees will be pointing forward, fingertips will be pointing to the left. The base of your hand should be about 6 inches from your foot.

    Now- begin to bend your elbows as if youre coming into in chaturanga. Begin to lean your left knee onto your right elbow. Once you feel STRONG and balanced, lift up the right foot- then, lift up the left foot!

    Once youre up, begin to straighten your legs!! Stay strong. And eventually- both legs and arms will be up and straight. !

    Keep practicing.

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  • Paul Delaroche - The Young Martyr (1855)

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    statue of liberty. 127 years young. catholic. i love to read by candlelight lol (: im really tall for my age but i hit puberty early haha (: anything else just ask <3 (;

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    I love this show with my whole heart.

    this show has changed my life 

    This show slays me.

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    • me: *sees dog*
    • me: *forgets what im talking about and points out dog*
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